ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

1pSA6. Computer-aided technique for the choice of a vibromonitoring system for accelerometer installation sites.

E. L. Myshinsky

V. A. Yakimov

Krylov Shipbuilding Res. Inst., 44 Moskovskoe Shosse, St. Petersburg, 196158 Russia

The decisive role in the choice of the installation of primary converters in an engine vibro-monitoring system is played by sensitivity, i.e., the degree of change of the measurement parameter at a chosen location on a unit of change of dynamic forces. Within the scope of the linear theory of fluctuations this value is determined by the mass-frequency characteristics of the equipment, and its mounting and seating. The theoretical and experimental evaluation of the engine transmission function under operating conditions causes some difficulties. In addition, the sensitivity of the originally chosen measurement locations can change during engine service and that can require updating of their installation locations. An algorithm is offered that permits one, on the basis of the vibromonitoring system information, to execute the following procedures: (1) to reveal the locations of equipment with a low signal-to-noise ratio; (2) to exclude duplication of the information about the engine-acoustic condition; (3) to make a range of chosen locations according to the degree of their sensitivity; and (4) to supply the control of the distribution of engine dynamic forces stipulated by a change of engineering conditions.

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